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GHz Air Matrix


GHz Wireless Broadband For Business

Wireless Replaces Expensive Fiber or Leased Lines 

GHz Wireless specializes in wireless network design, and installing wireless backhaul solutions for all markets in all environments.  Free Site Survey

GHz Cloud 

Complete Cloud Services for Every Budget

GHz complete cloud services for home or business.  Try the GHz cloud today for free!

Global GPS Tracking + 


GHz delivers world wide tracking services with low-cost fleet tracking, made simple. More information on tracking system , starting @ $20 per month, per device.  See GPS Tracking


GHz Wireless delivers high speed Internet services with speeds up to 1 Gigabit . Inter-connect your office across town, or get the internet backbone connection your business deservers, with 99.999 percent uptime.  See Wide-Band

GHz Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband For Any Budget

GHz Wireless delivers broadband via an outdoor installed radio at your business with speeds up to 50 megabit. GHz Wireless provides reliable services, and allows you unfiltered access to the Internet , with an always on wireless broadband connection. 

More Information on Wireless Broadband

GHz Network Services 

Dedicated Engineering and Network Services

GHz delivers service enigneers and technicians world wide , to help you with any network nightmare, no matter how big or small.  Free Network Evaluation Request


Create your own secure, cloud based wireless network

Now you can create a secure wireless network with no previous wireless experiance, with the Air Matrix (


Reliable Satellite Internet Access

GHz Lunar delivers high-speed Internet anywhere in America. High-Speed access with top notch support.

More Information on GHz Lunar

GHz Dedicated Internet Access 

Gigabit Dedicated Microwave Internet Access

GHz Wireless delivers high speed microwave connections with symetrical speeds up to a gigabit, for your business , building or studio. 

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Wireless Broadband


From installation to customization and support, our team of professionals with over 35 years of experience can help you get the wireless service you deserve. No project is too large or too small!  From a small wireless network , to networks that span the globe, GHz is there every step of the way. Here are the options available:

Dedicated Internet Access


Business-Grade Dedicated Internet Access 


Traditional Internet Providers offer "business class" services , that is often shared with multiple other customers, that offers service delays and downtime. With GHz Wireless Dedicated Internet Access, you get a dedicated wireless network services that give you the true business-grade service your business deserves, with built in QOS .

 With GHz Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) you can depend on:

Satelite Internet Service


GHz Lunar has the best variety of data usage packages to choose from.  Our plans range from 10Gb, 15Gb  and 25Gb for so you can stream videos and downloads from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, and surf the Internet. With speeds up to 12 megabit, GHz Lunar blazes the competition in both speed and price.

High-speed internet now available anywhere!

We deliver high-speed internet across America (even rural areas) that requires no extra fees, and you won’t suffer from slower speeds. 



I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.
—Richard Lewis


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