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Ultimate Mesh Dashboard

complete management solution for your network


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CloudTrax is a free enhanced solution to Ultimate Mesh networking. The free dashboard supports any GHz preloaded WiFi AP nodes that run the  Ultimate Mesh firmware or fork. Ultimate Mesh makes it easy to extend the wireless broadband beyond the reach of stand-alone 'hotspot' by deploying the plug-and-play nodes. It offers a unique solution to deliver high-speed Internet services to the places wherever a flexible and affordable network infrastructure is in demand.

What does the UM provide that the others guys dont have ? High power (600-1000 Mw ) preloaded radios !

The UM 600 plugs into an array of antennas, from omnis, yagis, and even sectors, and the UM 1000 is the highest power, smallest footprint solution on the market. Both are outdoor rated, and are used for deploying last mile wireless broadband / wifi access, and extending wireless coverage via mesh.

Free manaul on how to deploy your first wireless network 


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