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Frequently Asked Questions


Is GHz Wireless service truely unlimited ? Yes of course ! All fixed wireless connections are unlimited/un-capped , with speeds restrictions and QOS (quality of service) embedded.

Why do you recommend higher speeds for video sites like hulu, and netflix ? Sites like NetFlix and Hulu use allot of bandwidth to push high def video across our network. We see best results at 15+ megabit for streaming video. 

Does your network require a phone line or cable connection ? No, GHz Wireless provides your Internet connectivity using high speed wireless technology. There is no need for cable or telephone service for our connection.

How is the radio wired into my home or business? GHz Wireless professionally mounts an antenna on your rooftop or exterior wall, then runs a CAT 5 wire (data wire with 4 pairs of wires) down the outside wall of your home (we try to follow a rain gutter to hide the cable).

We then bring the cable into your home by drilling a small hole or following an existing entry into the home such as a duct or prior cable, phone or satellite TV installation entry.   An Ethernet end is installed on the inside of an exterior wall (your computer should have an Ethernet port ‐ all new computers do. An older computer may need an adapter). If you need additional inside wiring to extend the connection into your home, you may need to hire a wiring contractor or may want to consider using a wireless router (available from us or at any computer store) to distribute the connection throughout your home.

Do I have to have an antenna on my roof?  Yes, a receiver and/or antenna will be required in order to received the GHz Wireless signal.  The size and type of the antenna will depend on the signal strength and service level Tier available at the designated location. The GHz Wireless Field Technician works with subscribers to ensure the best possible signal is received with minimal aesthetic impact.

How does GHz Wireless work ? 

GHz Wireless provides an Internet connection via a wireless receiver and/or antenna system.  An antenna is installed on your roof or exterior wall with an attached radio receiver/transmitter. This antenna is pointed at a nearby Access Point tower, and must have a clear or near line‐of‐site (no thick forests, buildings, or hills blocking the path).  When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless link from your receiver/antenna to our Access Points.  From there that information travels over our “backhaul,” which is a point to point wireless link to our Network Operations Center hooked directly to the Internet.  GHz Wireless service has very low “latency” (or delay) compared to satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space.  GHz Wireless services are well suited for digital phone (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol/VoIP) and other uses such as VPNs or gaming.

What are customer requirements for service? 

For our fixed-wireless broadband customers the basic GHz Wireless installation will include connecting the customer’s router or home network to the CPE (customer premise equipment), provided that:

  1. The customer computer is Ethernet ready.
  2. The customer router/computer is in the same room as the Termination Point and within 10ft. of the CPE (customer premise equipment).
  3. The customer computer operating system is Windows (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7,8 or 10) or MacOS X 10.1 or later.
  4. Customer will need to provide an electrical surge protector for the CPE to plug into.  We also recommend a UPS for all computers, routers and CPE for best reliability through electrical storms and power surges.

What is included with a standard wireless installation ? 

Our advertised service installation rates are for standard service installations. 

Standard installations may include the following:

Materials Included: 

  • Up to 100ft of CAT5e Cable
  • GHz Wireless Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), standard antenna and PoE Injector (Power over Ethernet)
  • Standard J-arm, and Antenna Stand-off
  • Antenna and/or Ethernet Grounding if necessary
Labor Included
  • Installation of Antenna on roof, sidewall or structure attached to your home
  • Ethernet entering your home via existing access hole or create new access via outside wall
  • Programming of a Single Router or Computer to access our network
Can I do the wireless installtion myself ? 
We do not typically allow for self-installation of services with the exception of apartment complexes where we use Cable Modems to deliver service.

Can I use any existing hardware - antenna, radio, mast or cables?
We do not typically allow any use of older existing hardware inlcuding but not limited to radio, antenna, mast or CAT5 to deliver service.

How long will it take to setup service? 
We can typically have service installed within 10 business days of placing an order. Once we’ve determined that the service will work at your location (signal check), it takes about 4 hours to complete a standard installation, and 8 hours for DIA installation in most cases.

My GHz connection is at least 50Mbps when I connect via a network cable, but via Wi-Fi it's only about 20Mbps at most. Why?
This is normal since the real-world sustained speed of all Wi-Fi standards are much slower than the ceiling speeds. For example, the current most popular standard 802.11n (Wireless-N) generally offers a speed of just around 20Mbps on the 2.4Ghz frequency band; things get worse if you use older Wi-Fi standards, such as 802.11g. To improve this, use a dual-band router and connect via the 5Ghz frequency band, but this only works if the clients also support this band. The iPhone 4 or the iPad 2 for example, only support the 2.4Ghz band. Note that the speed of a Wi-Fi connection also degrades as the client moves farther from the router/access point.

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