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Mar 05

GHz Wireless Expands Enterprise Services

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March 5, 2017

GHz Wireless Expands Enterprise Services

GHz is proud to be able to offer Fast Temporary Wireless Internet for Events, Conferences, Functions, Conventions and Businesses which require a temporary high speed internet service. 

Our Fixed Wireless Internet packages start from $999 per day, which include basic setup costs.

All GHz Temporary services have unlimited data downloads, excluding any illegal downloading. Speeds are variable based on the distance from our fixed locations. Within 8 miles of towers, speeds start at 200/50 Mbps. Further out, speeds start from 100/25 Mbps but there are additional options for increasing speed if needed. Services are only currently available within 8 miles of the tower. If you need Temporary Wireless Internet further from the city, please contact us to discuss the details and we will see whether it is possible.

If there are multiple events on in one location, large discounts can be provided for leaving equipment in place between events.

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