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syncing Mobile and Desktop Syncing

Access your data on any platform. Use the Android or iOS clients to work with your files on the go or synchronize your favorite folders seamlessly between your desktop and laptop devices.



External Storage

Keep your data where it is - your NAS, FTP drive or Samba. Add external storage to your ownCloud with Dropbox, SWIFT, FTPs, Google Docs, S3, external WebDAV servers and more.



Versioning and Undelete

GHzCloud stores your data and lets you bring back data that was deleted accidentally. Find previous versions of files you modified and bring them back.



Calendars and Contacts

Share your calendar with other GHzCloud users or groups on your ownCloud server, easy and quick. Store your contacts in ownCloud and share them among your devices so you always have access to your friends, family and colleagues.




Share photo galleries with friends and family. Give them access to upload pictures, view and download them. Send a link to anybody you choose, and control whether they can share those photos with anyone else.


Share With Anybody

GhzCloud lets you share. You can share with users on your ownCloud, users on other Cloud servers or send public links with or without upload rights, protected by passwords and automatic expiration



Encryption and Security

GHzCloud encrypts your data in transit with secure https connections. You can enable the encryption app to encrypt data on storage for improved security and privacy.



Activity Feed

 See what is going on in your GHzCloud. See who shared a file with you or when you created, changed or deleted files. Access the feed via RSS, the web interface, an API for Desktop or Mobile clients or receive email notifications.



Collaborative Editing

 GHzCloud Documents is collaborative editing of rich-text documents that lets up to 5 individuals collaborate to edit .odt or .doc files securely within the browser. Documents may then be shared inside ownCloud or via a public link. See it in action on YouTube



Play Music, Watch Movies, Store Passwords

Use the Music app to listen to your songs, securily store your passwords in Passman and stream your movies with the Streaming app. ownCloud is an application platform putting functionality at your service.



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