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GHz Wireless Broadband

Conditions of Use 

Our policy strictly prohibits the following:

1. Distribution, storage, or transmission of any material that may violate any international, federal, state, local law or regulation is strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, material protected by trademark, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property used without proper consent, and material that is defamatory, obscene, or violates applicable laws.

2. Sending spam (unsolicited mail messages), advertising material to individuals who did not request the material. This includes, but is not limited to, bulk-mailing of commercial advertising, informational announcements. 

3. Forging or unauthorized use of mail header data (spoofing), IP address, network MAC address, or account logins.

4. Attempting or obtaining service or products with intent to avoid payment. Sharing, selling, or distributing internet access between neighbors or remote users is prohibited.

5. Attempts by a user to obtain access to an unauthorized computer resource or account owned by another person (cracking).

6. Activities that cause an intentional network overload or denial of service to any computers, customers or users on any network.

7. Destruction, alteration, or access, or attempt, to any information that belongs to GHz Wireless Broadband (our network), customers or users.

8. Distributing, advertising, sending, or making available any program, product, or service that violates this policy or any other Internet Service Provider (ISP), which includes the means to send spam, piracy of software, and denial of service attacks.

9. Reselling ,redistributing, retransmitting internet to anyone.  All hotspots/access points on the customers network must be encrypted and locked down to ensure basic wireless security protocols are in place. 

10. Any time, no one client or client network is to utilize more than 30 % cpu of any core router or border router.  You must decrease your traffic flow to adhere with the network standards, or be disconnected. 

11. Services that interfere with the use of our network by other customers or authorized users. Each customer is responsible for the activities at their location, by accepting this agreement, is agreeing to ensure that all users abide by this policy.

If violations of this policy occur, GHz Wireless Broadband reserves the right to terminate services or take action to stop the offending customer from violating this agreement we deem necessary, without notice.

Service Agreement

Wireless equipment (radio/transmitter/antenna/power adapter/bracket) remain property of GHz Wireless Broadband and is leased to the customer at no charge. If the equipment is not returned within 30 days of service cancellation and in good condition the customer will be charged the MSRP of $399 for the equipment.

The customer grants GHz Wireless Broadband permission to repair, maintain, replace, reposition or remove any equipment owned by GHz Wireless Broadband on the customer's property at any time.

All billing is done by 95% usage utilization , or by the gigabit, or per month .

It is the customer responsibility to take the recommended precautions to protect, secure, and backup their computer. This includes but not limited to installation of a firewall and software that protects against viruses, spyware, and spam. We take the same precaution on all of our servers and use encryption on all wireless network transmission.Parental controls are the responsibility of the customer. Please visit our website for more information. (http://www.ghzwireless.com)

Installation of equipment may require holes, screws, wire, poles, outlets, and wall jacks to your home or apartment. It is not the responsibility of GHz Wireless Broadband to reverse any changes made during the installation process. The customer is responsible for the safety, inspection and maintenance of equipment after the installation. Onsite service calls resulting from customer computer problems, faulty customer hardware, broken wiring, router or network misconfiguration will be billed at $75/hr, 2 hour minimum.

Geographic limitations such as hills and trees may prevent installation of equipment within our coverage radius. Service plans are subject to availability. Customers just beyond our coverage area with a high elevation and no obstructions to our tower may be candidates for service. It is the customer's responsibility to trim any trees that may interfere with signal after initial installation.

Network availability of 100% is not guaranteed. It is our goal prevent network outages and make any repairs as fast a possible. GHz Wireless Broadband will not be held liable for any network down-time, information lost, or lost productivity. Transfer speeds are maximum rate, not guaranteed, and may vary based on network traffic.

Past due accounts are subject to service suspension and a late charge of $5 per month. 

Cancellation notice must be received 10 days prior to cancellation date. Cancellation notice must be send by mail and be post marked before your due date. There will be no pro-rating of partial months in the event of cancellation.

All cancelations must be mailed via USPS to us @ GHz Wireless 8400 Westgate Blvd, Ste 132-115 , Austin Tx 78745 USA.  Include your account number and reason for canceling in writing. It must be signed and dated.

No shows or unauthorized cancellations are charged full price of installation. 

There are no refunds on shipping, labor or materials on cancels and no shows.

The use of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is NOT supported by GHz Wireless Broadband. We can NOT guarantee the availability of emergency medical services (EMS), 911 or E911 service on our network. 

All refunds are at discretion of GHz Wireless Broadband at all times.

GHz Wireless Broadband has the right to refuse service to anyone , at any time.

Unsafe weather conditions ( rain, heavy percipitation, lightening and or high winds) mean we reset the installation. Resetting means we grab the next available date, and reset installation date and time,or place account on hold without harm or liability to GHz or it's installers. We will not climb or install for 24 hours after storms ,allowing time to dry , and inspection.

We have the right to reset any installation, any inspection and any site survey at any time , for any reason without any harm.re

Threats, slander or negative remarks via voicemail, on the phone , via email, on social media, on blogs, on forums , or any type of printed or online media are prohibited . In the event of such, we will cancel your service / install / survey , and file legal actions. Early termination fees apply.

Abuse of any type is not tolerated . 

An early termination fee of $300 on basic (5-15 megabit) services, $700 on premium services (25+ megabit) , $1000 on Gigabit services (200+ megabit) plus the remaining full amount of contract is due upon account closure or termimation.  

Any and all disputes arising under or related to this Agreement shall be forced to mediate in Travis County, Austin Texas at your expense. 

By ordering (online, email, voice and text) from GHz or its representatives, you agree to the terms and conditions contained within.

This GHz Wireless Broadband Conditions of use policy is effective 2/17/2011. We reserve the right to modify/change this policy, pricing, terms and conditions at any time, without notice, effective upon posting on this website.  Report violations to us. 


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