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vpn_service_box.pngGHz Private Internet Access™

VPN ServiceSimple VPN Client

VPN ServiceOne click VPN connect

VPN ServicePort Forwarding Advanced

VPN ServiceDNS Leak Protection Advanced

VPN ServiceDisconnect Protection Advanced

VPN ServiceDetect Best Server

VPN ServiceAlternate Configurations Advanced

VPN ServiceSecure OpenVPN


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GHz Private Internet Access™

Privileges VPN

  • VPN Service24/7 North American VPN Support
  • VPN ServiceThe Most Anonymous VPN Service
  • VPN ServiceHighest quality for the lowest price. Period.
  • VPN ServiceWorldwide coverage with 9+ countries
  • VPN ServiceMassive network with 275+ gateways
  • VPN ServiceEasy to use custom VPN software
  • VPN ServiceGHz Private Internet Access™ 275 Gbps+ Network
  • VPN ServiceNo logging. Period.

Why you should buy VPN Service

Online security
Encrypt all of your internet traffic and use a safe, protected IP.
Identity Protection
Protect your identity with an anonymous VPN IP.
Buy VPN to blend in with the crowd.
Stop Eavesdroppers
Encryption keeps you safe, even on public Wifi.
Unblock Websites
Say goodbye to geographic restrictions. Travel worry free with GHz VPN !
Uncensored Access
Complete uncensored access to the true internet. Finally.

GHZ GIGABIT - SPEEDS UP TO 1 GIGABIT  "Wireless On Steroids"

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