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Problem:  Limited to no data connection in Southway

Southway area had the "worse data service in town" due to hills, demographics, and age of existing services, if any (one to no bars). Speeds , if available , were 4-5k max. Tried networks including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, all with same horrible results.


Solution: GHZ Wireles builds SouthWay Wi-Fi

  • GHz Wireless builds a wireless network with local community support and services
  • Low cost Internet plan @ $10 a month , with high speed relaible Wi-Fi
  • The project accepts 100+ new subscribers per week, with 250 meg+ usage each
  • Free Interent access, with no ads or banners , with no usage caps (100k speed restriction)
  • Free Email Access (gmail) / Google Search , no login required.
  • White Paper developed/released from special AAA design 
Southway Splash Screen
Coverage Area Below


         Visit Southway WiFi for more information.


Southway 5 Megabit Plan         Southway 10 Megabit Plan         Southway 15 Megabit Plan

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