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GHz Fixed Wireless - What's Involved? 

 GHz Wireless Internet service is simple to get at your home or business.



1)    After you have completed your free site survey,  choose your speed and book install , our team will be scheduled to visit your home/office for formal survey and installation.



2)    When the team arrives, they will first use our portable radio system to check your home for signal availability. They must have a good quality signal from one of our access towers to proceed with the installation.



3)    Once they have verified signal, they will begin the outside portion of the installation. For standard installations, the installer will mount a “dish-style” mount on the outside eave of your home in a mutually agreeable location.



For tall installations, the installer will work with you to place the 50’ mast in an acceptable location, set up 3 support guy points (for wind stability), and proceed to raise the mast and supporting wires.



4)    After the outside microwave receiver is installed, the installers will route a single Cat5e cable through an exterior wall into your home. The location where the cable enters your home should have power close by. This is normally the location where your router or computer is located.




5)    After hooking up the equipment inside, the installer will perform a final alignment procedure to ensure you have the maximum available signal at your home for best reliability.



Finally, the installer will configure your computer or router, verify the service is working properly, and ensure you understand everything that was done.


We always allow for custom installation work such as attic drops, wall fishes, flyovers from outbuildings, and more. These are custom quoted at the time of installation by the Installers, and are an extra charge at $75 per crew hour. 


If you have any further questions about our service that is not answered here,
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